Since I’m doing alot more network automation labs for my portfolio my i7 laptop is lagging behind. With its 2 core it has served it maximum purpose and its best for me to get another rig that is capable to handle the load.

After doing some research I decided to…

Following from the previous article….

DHCP options sets

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides a standard for passing configuration information to hosts on a TCP/IP network. The options field of a DHCP message contains configuration parameters, including the domain name, domain name server, and the netbios-node-type.

domain-name-servers: This defaults to AmazonProvidedDNS.
domain-name: It…

Hooray & welcome to Part-11. Congratulate yourself being able to achieve to this level.

Internet gateways

· An internet gateway is a horizontally scaled, redundant, and highly available VPC component that allows communication between the VPC and the internet.

· An internet gateway serves two purposes: to provide a target in the…

In this article I’m continuing with route tables especially focusing on some example options.

Routing to an internet gateway

Make a subnet a public subnet by adding a route in the subnet route table to an internet gateway. To do this, create and attach an internet gateway to the VPC…

This is the follow-up from Pt1 of flow logs.

Traffic through a NAT gateway

In this example, an instance in a private subnet accesses the internet through a NAT gateway that’s in a public subnet.

This time I writting about Flow Logs which is used for traffic monitoring & analyzing purposes.

VPC Flow Logs

This is a feature to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in the VPC. Flow log data can be published to Amazon CloudWatch Logs or Amazon S3. …

Since the last post was dedicated to IAM Roles, this post is entirely a new topic that I’m covering. It covers Access, Resilience, Compliance, Security Groups & Network ACL’s.

Logging and monitoring for Amazon VPC

The following automated monitoring tools to watch components in your VPC and report when something is wrong:

Flow logs: Flow…

In this topic its about IAM access, credentials & permissions the users will have over the resources.

IAM roles

An IAM role is an entity within the AWS account that has specific permissions.

Using temporary credentials

· Temporary credentials can be used to sign in with federation, assume an IAM role, or to assume a…

This is the continuation from the previous policies post.

Managing access using policies

· control access in AWS by creating policies and attaching them to IAM identities or AWS resources.

· policy is an object in AWS that, when associated with an identity or resource, defines their permissions.

· AWS evaluates these policies when…

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